English information about IJsselNannies

Hi there! Welcome at IJsselNannies: the most reliable, personal and flexible babysitting agency in the surroundings of the IJssel.

Information for Families

IJsselNannies provides the perfect match between family and (IJSsel)Nanny. We do this in 4 steps.

The first step is signing up at IJsselNannies. Please leave your personal details in the contact form below and we will contact you as soon as possible. You can also call us at +31623701888.

The second step is a personal interview at your place. In this interview, we learn about your needs. We also want to know about your family values and what you seek in a Nanny. And of course, we want to know everything there is to know about your kid(s)!

Based on the information from the interview, we draw up your family profile. This is step three. In this profile we incorporate all relevant information about your family and kid(s). We also note down all your special requests. For example: if your kid plays the guitar, you can request a nanny that also plays the guitar. So they can practice together! Or maybe your child has a struggle with calculating. In that case, you can request a nanny that can tutor your child. Everything (reasonable) is possible! From picking up the kids from school til fixing a home cooked meal and so on!

Fourth step is making the perfect match! We create a shortlist of perfect fitting nannies, based on the family profile. From now on, if you need a babysitter for your children, you’re just a single phone call or e-mail away from the perfect IJsselNanny! Even if your request is last minute! We aim to deploy the same IJsselNanny every time for your family, to create trust and continuity. But if ‘your’ IJsselNanny is not available, we naturally arrange another IJsselNanny from our shortlist.

We would love to hear from you!

Information for future Nannies

Are you a student and looking for a job? Then we’d like to invite you to become a IJsselNanny! We’re always looking for enthusiastic, reliable and sweet IJsselNannies to make even more perfect matches for families in need for a babysitter. Some of these families request a native English (or at least fluent English speaking) IJsselNanny, so if you fit our criteria and are native English, please don’t hesitate to apply. You can apply if you answer most of the following questions with a yes:

  • Do you adore children?
  • Does everyone around you describe you as enthusiastic, cheerful and spontaneous?
  • Do you always honour existing commitments?
  • Do you have spare time besides your (HBO/University) education?
  • Do you have experience with babysitting?
  • Do you live in Twente?

After we receive your application, we invite you for an interview. We also like to receive your résumé and at least two references. If you pass our thorough screening, we can congratulate you: You now are a real IJsselNanny! A select group of high quality babysitters that are the best in the IJssel region. We connect our IJsselNannies with lovely families in the IJssel region (mostly Deventer, Zwolle and surroundings), where you can babysit on frequent base or at flexible moments.